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the morning is evil

Legend of Korra ends its third season with a huge bang. The Avatar gets the most spotlight ever as she engages in a breathtakingly beautiful battle with the greatest villain of the franchise; this fight mirrors the finale of Last Airbender, in which Zaheer, like Aang, is on the defensive, and Korra, similar to Ozai, is just going all-out on her opponent. In addition, everyone gets a piece of the action; Asami shows us nonbenders can be just as badass, Mako shocks the shit out of Ming-Hua, Bolin could freakin’ lavabend, and Tonraq showcases his ice-fist (don’t mess with the Avatar’s dad). The geniuses behind Book Three definitely pass with flying colors. At this point, I think Korra earned her legendary stripes. What else can there be in store for our beloved heroine in S4, the final chapter? Not a clue. But I do know that Book Four will be just as top-notch.
Korra, by Trung Ta Ha.

Kaneki Ken : Neither Ghoul nor Human
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I was dreaming…  


Been struggling to draw anything for the past few days, so this one is definitely an accomplishment :). Man I already know this season finale is going to freak me out in some way! Til then, enjoy awesome Korra waterbending :)